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 Standard   Grade   Heat Treatment   Re min _Mpa_ T up to 16 mm   Re min _Mpa_ t 16-40 mm   Re min _Mpa_ t 40-65 mm   Rm _Mpa_   A5 min _%_   KV _j_   HB _max_ 
DIN17 2391St52U,N355355355490-63022
DIN17 2391St45U,N255255255440-57021
EN 10208-2L 360 NBU,N360-510min. 46020KV=40 (0°C)
EN 10208-2L 290 NBU,N290-440min. 41521KV=40 (0°C)
EN 10208-2L 245 NBU,N245-440min. 41522KV=40 (0°C)
EN 10210-1S275J2HU,N275265255410-56022KV=27 (-20°C)
EN 10210-1S235JRHU,N235225215340-47026KV=27
EN 10210-1S355JOHU,N355345335490-63022KV=27 (0°C)
EN 10210-1S355J2HU,N355345335490-63022KV=27 (-20°C)
EN 10210-1S275JOHU,N270265255310-56022KV=27 (0°C)
EN 10216-1P235TR2U,N235225215360-50023KV=27 (0°C)
EN 10216-1P195TR1N195185175320-44025
EN 10216-1P265TR2U,N265255245410-57019KV=27 (0°C)
EN 10216-1P235TR1U,N235225215360-50023
EN 10216-1P195TR2N195185175320-44025KV=27 (0°C)
EN 10216-1P265TR1U,N265255245410-57019
EN 10216-2P235GHU,N235225215360-50025KV=27 (0°C)
EN 10216-216Mo3N280270260450-60022KV=27 (20°C)
EN 10216-2P265GHU,N265255245410-57023KV=27 (0°C)
EN 10216-2P195GHU,N195320-44027KV=27 (0°C)
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TMK Supplying 15,000 Metric Tons of Pipe to New Project in Turkmenistan

10/27/2021 - Türkmengaz, the national gas company of Turkmenistan, has contracted TMK to supply 15,000 metric tons of pipe for a new gas turbine power plant project currently under construction in Turkmenistan’s eastern Lebap Region.

Volzhsky Pipe Plant and Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant, both part of TMK, will be shipping the large-diameter high-strength pipes with an external insulation coating to Türkmengaz, TMK announced yesterday in a press release. The pipes will be used to transport natural gas from existing gas fields to the new Zerger plant.
“Central Asia, where major energy projects are being stepped up, is a priority market for TMK. As part of cooperation with Turkmenistan, TMK’s plants have been successfully supplying pipe and tubular products for many years to the fuel and energy sector, and the power industry of the country. A new contract for the supply of high-tech products to Türkmengaz, the state-owned company responsible for power generation, transmission and distribution, will promote the development of Turkmenistan’s energy infrastructure and expand its export potential. We plan to fully deliver under the contract as early as 2021,” said Denis Prikhodko, TMK’s director of sales.

Worldwide steel production

Crude steel production by region
  Jul 2021 (Mt) % change Jul 21/20   Jan-Jul 2021 (Mt) % change Jan-Jul 21/20
Africa 1.3 36.9   9.3 29.2
Asia and Oceania 116.4 -2.5   853.0 10.9
CIS 9.2 11.2   62.5 9.0
EU (27) 13.0 30.3   90.8 20.1
Europe, Other 4.1 4.6   29.3 15.6
Middle East 3.6 9.2   25.3 10.0
North America 10.2 36.0   68.7 18.7
South America 3.8 19.6   26.4 26.3
Total 64 countries 161.7 3.3   1,165.3 12.4

The 64 countries included in this table accounted for approximately 98% of total world crude steel production in 2020.

         Regions and countries covered by the table:

  • Africa: Egypt, Libya, South Africa
  • Asia and Oceania: Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Korea, Taiwan (China), Vietnam
  • CIS: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
  • European Union (27)
  • Europe, Other: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, United Kingdom
  • Middle East: Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  • North America: Canada, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United States
  • South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

World Steel in Figures 2021




World steel pipe production in July 2021

  • Africa produced 1.3 Mt in July 2021, up 36.9% on July 2020.
  • Asia and Oceania produced 116.4 Mt, down 2.5%.
  • The CIS produced 9.2 Mt, up 11.2%.
  • The EU (27) produced 1.0 Mt, up 30.3%. Europe,
  • Other produced 4.1 Mt, up 4.6%
  • The Middle East produced 3.6 Mt, up 9.2%.
  • North America produced 10.2 Mt, up 36.0%.
  • South America produced 3.8 Mt, up 19.6%.
 Top 10 steel-producing countries
  Jul 2021 (Mt)   % change Jul 21/20   Jan-Jul 2021 (Mt) % change Jan-Jul 21/20
China 86.8   -8.4   649.3 8.0
India 9.8   13.3   68.0 28.7
Japan 8.0   32.5   56.1 16.2
United States 7.5   37.9   49.5 18.5
Russia 6.7 e 13.4   44.9 9.2
South Korea 6.1   10.8   41.3 8.7
Germany 3.0   24.7   23.6 18.9
Turkey 3.2   2.5   22.9 17.7
Brazil 3.0   14.5   21.0 22.0
Iran 2.6 e 9.0   17.8 9.9

LIBERTY Steel to Possibly Restructure Belgian Steel Plants

9/24/2021 - According to a press release from S&P Global Platts, LIBERTY Steel Group has announced a possible restructuring of its steel plants in Flémalle and Tilleur, Liège, Belgium.

In a statement to Platts, the company said, "On Monday morning, the management of LIBERTY Liège-Dudelange informed the works council of LIBERTY Liège, which comprises two plants in Flémalle and Tilleur, of the main aspects of a possible future organizational structure. This potential new structure has been identified as offering the best long-term future for the company, making it more likely that potential investment will be obtained to support this future."
The plan may involve mothballing one of Flémalle's two steel galvanizing lines, according to Platts.

 Carbon steel qualities



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