Physical Properties

 Standard   Grade   Heat Treatment   Re min _Mpa_ T up to 16 mm   Re min _Mpa_ t 16-40 mm   Re min _Mpa_ t 40-65 mm   Rm _Mpa_   A5 min _%_   KV _j_   HB _max_ 
GOST 105025U,N274274274min. 45123KCV=88
GOST 105020U,N245245245min. 41225
GOST 105045N353353353min. 59816KCV=49
GOST 105030N294294294min. 49021KCV=78
GOST 105035N314314314min. 52920KCV=69
GOST 1928109G2SN265265265min. 4702229
GOST 2007215Ch5MZ235235235441-58822
GOST 2007212Ch1MFZ274-431 274-431274-431441-58821
GOST 454315ChMZ225225225min. 43121
GOST 454330ChN2VAZ785785785min. 98112
GOST 454330ChGSAG229
GOST 454340ChG217
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